Nuxi CloudABI: Towards secure, maintainable and testable software

Is cloud computing heading in the right direction? That's the question that the founder of Nuxi, Ed Schouten, asked himself. The last couple of years we see the use of virtualisation, containers and complex access control systems increase, but what is the underlying problem these technologies try to solve? Why can we gain their advantages only by adding more administrative overhead and complexity?

Nuxi CloudABI is a new runtime environment for Unix-like systems that addresses these issues by introducing the concept of dependency injection to full Unix applications. Instead of allowing applications to open arbitrary data on disk and connect to arbitrary systems on the network, you as a user exactly provide those resources that the application should access. This makes it possible to run arbitrary CloudABI programs safely, without using any virtualisation, containers, firewalls or additional security policies. This not only makes CloudABI a perfect building block for developing secure microservices architectures, it is also great at applying the principle of defence in depth in general.

Presentation at the 32C3 conference

Start using CloudABI today!

Nuxi CloudABI has been designed with cross platform support in mind. Applications built for CloudABI can seamlessly be executed on any other operating system supporting CloudABI. Select one of the links below to access the documentation for using CloudABI on your operating system of choice.

Arch Linux Debian Fedora DragonFly BSD FreeBSD Mac OS X NetBSD openSUSE PC-BSD Ubuntu

Nuxi CloudABI is not only available free of charge, it is also free and open-source software (FOSS). Be sure to take a look at our company's GitHub page for an overview of our contributions. Discussions regarding CloudABI take place on Google Groups. Interested in staying up-to-date on the latest developments? Check out our blog!

Commercial solutions and support

Are you planning on using CloudABI in one of your products? Our company offers services in the following areas:

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